Urban Art Section

Exploring Urban Art at Kölner Liste 2017

Responding to the development of Street Art in the last two decades, KÖLNER LISTE is proud to introduce a new component to its program. In its fourth edition, the fair presents a new conceptual unit, the Urban Art section. Specially curated to represent the art of the street, this segment of the fair will show pieces transferred directly from the city environment, preserving their original idea and intent, without compromise.

By introducing the media originally found in the street, KÖLNER LISTE extends its support to progressive artistic expressions and established styles from the world of Street Art. At the same time, the section will underline the vital socially conscious tone of Urban Art.

The Street Art Cologne City Loves

Visitors will be invited to learn more and reflect upon the absolutely contemporary expressions that appear and grow in front of them. They will be able to expand their knowledge on the techniques of stencilling, collage and wheat-pasting, while learning about global Street Art movements such as adbusting or culture jamming. Images from decayed walls, street corners or particular architectural settings transferred to gallery environment will prove to still possess the inherent spirit of rebellion. Thus, collectors will be able to acquire original pieces that correspond to concrete parts of the city and of the street.
As the city with a notable tradition of street art, Cologne proves to be the best place to introduce this program to the art fair public.

Supporting the New Contemporary Art Movement

The artists brought together in this area are active in the public space. They initiate unique public interventions and explore city spaces in an abstract and suggestive manner. Each one of these figures interprets the socio-political conditions of the present related to their locale or the global currents. These creatives react to repression and the injustices of different kind by acting out against them in a very wide spectrum of ways, aiming to influence the necessary change. Art is their primary means, but their greatest weapon is the army of followers who see their true messages. In their fight for freedom, these brave artists create in various techniques and media. The visitors will be presented with paintings, sketches, collages and photography that tell the story of one of the most vigorous artistic movements in the world today.

Designed to represent the currents in the world of public art, this section will reflect the local Street Art of Cologne as well. Highlighting the latest aspirations of public artists in a gallery-like environment, the Street Art Cologne spectators are used to is put in another context, corresponding to the global art market trends.

Urban Art section is the place to get close to a booming subculture of Cologne, Germany and the world, and to support it directly by purchasing an artwork.

Curated with Care

We are delighted to announce that the Street Art gallerist Guillaume Trotin will curate the Urban Art section of the KÖLNER LISTE 2017. The extensive experience and knowledge of the scene this renowned curator brings promise a show brimming with singular expressions, daring messages and powerful inspirations.