Exhibitor information & prices

The KÖLNER LISTE has positioned itself as the fair of discovery of contemporary art at reasonable prices and is Art Cologne’s only satellite exhibition. The majority of artwork falls well into the price category of under 7500 euro. International galleries, project groups and individual artists have the opportunity to showcase their work here, at one of the Europe’s most important art markets, profiting from the high density of capital and collectors in the Rhineland and the neighbouring Benelux countries.
Intensive press work and a sustainable marketing concept guarantee that collectors and first-time art buyers have KÖLNER LISTE marked in bold in their diaries. The fair is purposely positioned in a market segment accessible to all art lovers, allowing every interested party to take home their favourite pieces. Visitor numbers have increased steadily since the first exhibition is 2014. In 2017, 10,000 visitors are expected.
The XPOST Köln is the new location for the 2017 edition of the fair, providing plenty of space for the wide range of diverse artworks. From small graphic prints to monumental installations, the art on show will fill the central area and light-flooded rooms of XPOST, making it an attractive address for all potential exhibitors.

The total cost of participation in KÖLNER LISTE 2017 include:

Booth – basic price per sqm: 175,00 € (former exhibitors: 165,00 €)
Catalogue publication: 1 page: 185,00 €. For every additional page: 185,00 €
Marketing fee: 10 sqm: 340,00 € · 20 sqm: 680,00 € · 30 sqm: 990,00 €

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example for a booth of 10 sqm

Rent: 1.750,00 €
Catalogue publication 1 page: 185,00 €
Marketing fee: 340,00 €
Total: 2.275,00 €

example for a booth of 20 sqm

Rent: 3.500 €
Catalogue publication 1 page: 185,00 €
Marketing fee: 680,00 €
Total: 4.365,00 €

example for a booth of 30 sqm

Rent: 5.250,00 €
Catalogue publication 1 pages: 185,00 €
Marketing fee: 990,00 €
Total: 6.425,00 €

Details of booth and arrangement

Wall height: 2.50 m
Style : white cube architecture
Lighting: fluorescent tubes

Exhibitors decide on their booth size, ranging from 10 sqm to 100 sqm (in steps of 10). The rented square meters relate to floor space, not wall hanging space.
Booths are equipped and ready to be used, with lighting and wallpapered walls. Walls can be painted, decorated, written on and plastered. Drilling and dowelling to hang art works is possible. All extra additions must be removed from the walls at the end of the fair.

There are no extra costs for electricity, heating, security etc. All price quotations are netto (pre-tax), to which 19% VAT will be added. Foreign companies should provide us with a verified overseas tax number to be exempted from the VAT payment.

Marketing Fee

In line with our goals to attract visitors and media attention, we have designed a rich program of promotions and advertising. We ensure you that KÖLNER LISTE is one of the top art events with extensive marketing and PR.

Our marketing and PR activities include:

  • Poster and flyer distribution at relevant locations
  • Newsletter information sent to +80,000 subscribers through the international retitle channel and our own distribution
  • Invitations sent to our VIP connections including art collectors, curators, decision makers and multipliers
  • Classic advertising in art industry magazines, city papers and other relevant media
  • Intensive editorial press work
  • Long-standing media partnerships

In addition, we offer to all exhibitors a wide range of advertising materials like posters, flyers, stickers and pins as well as free VIP tickets to invite collectors and personal guests.

PR Premium Package

We offer an additional PR package for exhibitors requiring tailor-made PR and a strengthened, individualized promotion.

  • Support in creating PR texts; distribution to selected connections and our press list
  • Blog article
  • Social Media package (posts on Facebook & Twitter)
  • Special mention in one of our re-title-newsletters
  • Special mention in our Newsletter (7.500 recipients)
  • Special mention in a press release
  • VIP press relations service

Fee for the PR Premium Package: 1.000,00 €
The PR Premium Package has limited availability and should be reserved as soon as possible.