Oh!Quadro Pop Up Gallery

Hamburg, Germany

Rafael Alonso Pintura em dois tempos, 25 X 30cm, 2016 Acrilic paint and paper on plywood


he oh! Quadro Pop Up Gallery is dedicated to the topic of intercultural exchange between artists from all over the world. With oh! Quadro Pop up Gallery a platform for cross-cultural art projects and exhibitions is created.
Immigration has shaped our cultural history. The development of entire regions was influenced by people of different backgrounds, their arts, ideas and views.
“Intercultural dialogue can be a way of discovering and linking together supposed differences and similarities,” says Karla Köster of the oh! Quadro Pop Up Gallery.


  • Rafael Alonso
  • Carola Ernst

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Email: karla@ohquadro.com
Phone: 0049 1638882277
Web: http://www.ohquadro.com/